Summer Bucket List

Today I received an offer to work in the Governor’s Office over the Summer. As thrilled as I am to have this experience, this means that my Summer will be a lot different than any other I have ever had. I won’t have Netflix days in front of the television or spontaneous vacations in a different state. In an effort to find the perfect balance, I’m creating a bucket list for a thrilling and relaxing Summer.

Time to get outside of my comfort zone and learn new things.


Summer 2014 Bucket List:
Go for a Hike
Have a Picnic in the Park
Make a Terrarium
Go See a Movie at the Drive-In
Watch the Sunrise
Research at Least One Major Policy Area
Write a Short Story
Read at Least 10 Books
Finish a Pintrest Project
Use a Pintrest Recipe
Go to a Show at the Fox
Write a Letter Once a Week
Visit With Friends in Atlanta
Learn a New Word Everyday
Practice Spanish (Seriously….)
Meditate/Do Yoga Twice a Week
Visit One Prospective Law School
Read the Newspaper Everyday
Go see Goats On a Roof
Ride the Atlanta Ferris Wheel
Plan Energizers for my Staff
Color Code My New Planner
Play Piano More
Do Something that Makes Me Uncomfortable
Go Kayaking With Tyler
Try a New Restaurant
Tattoo? (This one is kind of iffy…)
Go Snorkeling
Learn to Listen (Eh….)
See Bands that I Have Never Heard Of
Clean Tyler’s House (At Least Once)
Invest in a Work Wardrobe
Go to an Open Mic
Buy More Vinyl and Always Participate in Vinyl Sunday
When In Doubt, Wine it Out (Let the Sangria Flow)
Take a Picture of Something Everyday
Go Vegetarian for a Week
Submit Something to Underground
Do Something I Thought Was Too Hard


Off THA Couch: A Cool Project Worth Your Time

Off THA Couch

Watch the video. Read the info. Help them out.

So some people at my school are doing some pretty cool things. Check out the video and if you feel inclined, maybe toss them a donation on Kickstarter. This is a wonderful idea, and as a college student with a monotonous schedule, I relate to the problem that they are trying to dissect.

Often, we become so wrapped up in our routine that we forget to live, and we forget what these years are actually for. They want to ask people how they got where they are, and what they would change. If people can come together to make this happen, this film could be a powerful testimony of the lives of people just like you. CHECK IT OUT!