Summer Bucket List

Today I received an offer to work in the Governor’s Office over the Summer. As thrilled as I am to have this experience, this means that my Summer will be a lot different than any other I have ever had. I won’t have Netflix days in front of the television or spontaneous vacations in a different state. In an effort to find the perfect balance, I’m creating a bucket list for a thrilling and relaxing Summer.

Time to get outside of my comfort zone and learn new things.


Summer 2014 Bucket List:
Go for a Hike
Have a Picnic in the Park
Make a Terrarium
Go See a Movie at the Drive-In
Watch the Sunrise
Research at Least One Major Policy Area
Write a Short Story
Read at Least 10 Books
Finish a Pintrest Project
Use a Pintrest Recipe
Go to a Show at the Fox
Write a Letter Once a Week
Visit With Friends in Atlanta
Learn a New Word Everyday
Practice Spanish (Seriously….)
Meditate/Do Yoga Twice a Week
Visit One Prospective Law School
Read the Newspaper Everyday
Go see Goats On a Roof
Ride the Atlanta Ferris Wheel
Plan Energizers for my Staff
Color Code My New Planner
Play Piano More
Do Something that Makes Me Uncomfortable
Go Kayaking With Tyler
Try a New Restaurant
Tattoo? (This one is kind of iffy…)
Go Snorkeling
Learn to Listen (Eh….)
See Bands that I Have Never Heard Of
Clean Tyler’s House (At Least Once)
Invest in a Work Wardrobe
Go to an Open Mic
Buy More Vinyl and Always Participate in Vinyl Sunday
When In Doubt, Wine it Out (Let the Sangria Flow)
Take a Picture of Something Everyday
Go Vegetarian for a Week
Submit Something to Underground
Do Something I Thought Was Too Hard